Technology in Indian Education Advantages and Disadvantages

Technology in Indian Education Advantages and Disadvantages

Well, technology has always been an arena of concern for everyone. Especially parents. Precisely speaking, when we talk about advancement in technology, we can mention all the achievements but we can not possibly ignore the key areas where technology has impacted in a harmful manner.

But when we interlink technology and education, we might as well come up with certain furtherance and discoveries. IT and education have been hand in hand and that has led to evolutions. Redefined every procedure, technology has dominated sectors over years and decades.

Not only has mentoring become comfortable with technology, but it has also become stimulated and practical.

Let's take a look at some pros and cons of tech in school

1. Smart-Ed

Undeniably, what smart-eds replace is precious and it has cost us a fortune. We all agree how blackboards used to work for us. It was a simpler time, and one of the most prominent methods of learning. Smart-eds have been added to the blackboards. They have diversified the way we look at our concepts. Smart-eds have enabled us to visualize every phenomenon. And that makes it easy for a student to understand. Understanding the fundamentals is the root of retaining power. Once you understand the core of a concept, there is no going back.

2. Computers

Learning to work and operate computers is just another essential to dwell in the 21st century. They have simplified our processes for us. Managing a school with numerous files is now a smooth task when everything can be maintained on this device. Schools have installed computer labs because they understand the need of the hour very well. And so does Thapar International School.

3. Practical Labs

Technology does not limit to computers and wifis. It is a wide array of products and services that we avail of, in our day to day life. Undeniably students at school are exposed to the dynamics of the practical world. Therefore, it becomes essential that we help them live what they imagine. Practical labs are our resource to help our students learn things in an easy and comfortable manner.

Not only has technology limited itself to an easy classroom but also has facilitated the infrastructure, the transportation, and the management. It has certainly multiplied our educational resources. The addition of various subjects in order to acquire specialization is one of the examples. If it would not have been for technology, the world and especially the world of education would have been harder to survive. To check for data and information, earlier when piles of books were collected and looked into, computers and AI does that for us within a few seconds which has effectively increased our efficiency.

The impact of greater tech is indisputably a plus one in the education sector. It has always been a ray that has been guiding us all the way to a better world. Leading a life of standard. And we, at Thapar International School, foster the same environment for your child. Highly facilitated, we also focus on a child’s moral and social development. Our school is no less than a home. And we make sure to make this atmosphere more hospitable with each sunrise. The faculty at TIS is supremely equipped with expertise in their subject matter. And that is why we are known as the best school in Yamuna Nagar.