“ All Birds find shelter during a rain. But Eagle avoids rain by flying above the clouds. ”

Message From Chairman

As founders, we wanted to build an institute that could knit positive empirical results for students, for parents and for teachers. We wanted to provide resources that would enhance humanity in children. And I feel a deep sense of fulfilment when I see these character traits being taught and kept alive.

While we are absolutely committed to preparing our children adequately for the technologically driven competitive future, we are also very considerate in ascertaining that they develop creativity and wisdom that adapts to the ever changing reality.

As children grow to have faith in their own abilities, they will pave many new frontiers. The only problem is, they grow very fast ! With each passing year, they will grow a little more independent, a little more distant, a little more secretive and a little more buoyant! And no matter how much you hold on to them, they will eventually find their own path in life. As parents and guardians, it is our primary duty to equip them with abilities that are required to lead a happy life of value. We must remember that their future is in our hands.

Fortunate are those who are able to make their passion their profession. When we love what we do, the thin line between work and passion melts. I consider myself fortunate to have been provided with an empowering environment in my growing years because of which I could go on to pursue what I love. However, I feel more fortunate to see that the vision that I, along with other members of the management, started with, is blooming so beautifully in the form of Thapar International School, Yamunanagar, Haryana.

~Ashok Thapar