We are here to lead not to follow. It is in our nature to run things, and be in charge. We are the ones who direct the world, takes the first step, go where no one has gone before. If you see us know that you are in the presence of leaders.

We are born to lead and outshine everyone. Our Club admires the principles of morality and equality towards mankind.


We Out - Found, Out - Race, Out - Wit others leaving them far, far behind. We rules in our chosen fields, going as high as anybody can. We race through life in top gear, and get ahead of every one else.

We rise and shine from the ashes. Our club is inspired by the powers of the phoenix. We are known to be specialists, in whatever task we take at hand.


We believe Victory should be ours and ours alone. We are persistent, we are passionate and we will win whatever to be odds we are up against. We don't know what it is to be lose because we never ever give up.

Victory at the end is only ours. We are a team o determined individuals, here to win it all. Our principles are based on the motto, “Win and Win”.